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Hydrogen Engine Center Inc., (a Nevada corporation, “HEC Inc.”) is a holding company whose 100% owned subsidiary is HEC-TINA Inc. (a Nevada Corporation, “HEC-TINA”) which is the Operating company of the Hydrogen Engine Center Inc., HEC has spent the last 10 years developing technology related to carbon-free green energy solutions. We currently have 5 main patents pending or granted, with more in the planning stage. We feel our patent portfolio has a great deal of value and our intent is to capitalize on this technology by transitioning the company from Research and Development to commercialization of “Power Module” sales. 

“HEC-TINA” has developed a completely green, innovative technology system, which guarantees 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year access to electricity in independent and environmentally friendly ways, using any renewable electricity source including solar and/or wind with splitting water as the hydrogen source. The operation is fully automatic and can be monitored online via Internet satellite connection.

The commercialization involves the assembly and production of energy modules comprised of patented sub- systems, and also consists of the promotion and sales of the modules to markets remote areas with high cost electricity. The main technology is related to “HEC-TINA” energy modules are in commercial stage and comply with the corresponding certification for their use with hydrogen at high pressure.

The PEM electrolysis system of “HEC-TINA” is characterized as being the only one in the market capable of turning water into hydrogen and oxygen at direct high pressures greater than 2,500 Psi without additional compression, which is one of the highest cost contributors to high-pressure hydrogen production using electrolysis, making “HEC-TINA” systems one of the most efficient hydrogen energy systems. 
This technology allows “HEC- TINA” to produce “ready to store” hydrogen as energy carrier as long as there is water and electricity available from renewables. This milestone allows us to cover the electricity energy needs of customers in remote areas without access to commercial electricity.


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Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. and HEC-TINA, Inc. News

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. (HYEG) reports that on November 28, 2017, it submitted updated corporate information and financials on the OTC Marketing Website, https://www.otcmarkets.com/home under trading symbol “HYEG”. The information submitted includes audited financials for the years ended December 31, 2015, and December 31, 2016. Reviewed financials for the 9-month period ended September 30, 2017 were submitted on December 5, 2017. .....download PDF

HEC new release January 2018

Greeneville, Tenn.—Hydrogen Engine Center Inc., (HEC Inc) a Nevada corporation, (OTC PK: HYEG) announce that new two gensets manufacturer by Cooper for HEC has already been shipped with an ETA of mid February in HEC-TINA facilities in Greeneville. .....download PDF


The main obstacles to accessing electricity in rural remote areas are the costs involved in implementing of the required infrastructure and logistics.

A United Nations study undertaken in 120 countries highlights the strong link between development indicators and electricity consumption per capita, indicating that an increase in the availability of energy supports quantitative and qualitative improvements in terms of development and quality of life.

One of the most relevant applications for HEC-TINA systems is online primary and secondary education via the internet in small remote areas which do not have access to energy.

Education is a key factor for personal happiness and economic prosperity, as well as social improvements such as women’s independence and poverty reduction.

Other complementary applications for TINA systems include telemedicine services, water treatment, telecommunications or any application that requires energy.



People are don’t have access to the commercial electricity



People don’t have access to drinking water.



Children in the world don’t have access to primary and secondary education.



• Distributed Energy, Grid Backup and Grid Stabilization System
• Deployed in 20” or 40” Isothermal Sea Containers
• Plug Play System
• 24/7/365 electric energy available
• Large monthly manufacture capacity due that all the components are (remove Out the Shell) "off the shelf, with proprietary of the alignment, placement and electronics
• FOB delivery period of 6 to 8 moths from the date of the order
• Direct High pressure Hydrogen & Oxygen generator (> 2500 Psi)
• Generator with ICE-H2 and very low noise (90 dB) low maintenance
• Optimal use and management of renewable sources
• Renewables Power conditioner and Inverters integrated in the Container
• Reliable and steady system
• Operative life 25 years

HEC-TINA Power modules features

• Quick and easy on-site installation, 2 to 6 days for on-site installation and start-up
• Hydrogen available for vehicles with ICE fueled by hydrogen or PEMFC
• Oxygen available for medical services
• Integrated energy load management automatic fail safe electronic control system
• On line operation monitoring system
• Integrated and pre-assembled connection for quick electrification of off-grid areas
• Environmental working temperature range -20ºC to + 50 ºC
• Internal Container working temperature +1 ºC to +45 ºC
• Survival wind speed in std. working scenario 150 Km/h

Power Modules Specifications

• Power Modules Specifications
• Power storage available As needed
• Electric Configuration Single phase 110-120 V / 220-230V
• Nominal Frequency 50-60 Hz
• Container weight fully equipped 20” * 6 TN / 40” 8 TN
• Nominal Power from 15kWh/day to 200 kWh/day increasing with new electrolyzer in 2018 to 1 MWh per day


  • The Power Module is rated for continuous duty at maximum load alternatively it can run under variable loads from erratic renewables availability.
• The Power Module uses a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with the proper software for fail-safe automatic operation control system. The system allows remote control via Internet satellite connection.
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent system overpressure
• Hydrogen and Oxygen detectors of leaks
• Protective logic hardware to ensure safe operation
• Automatic and manual emergency Shutdown as consequence of any non-accepted operation parameter
• Warning alarms of any malfunction that is not critical


  • The proposed system is based on commercial available equipment; both for Balance of System as well as Stack are built to US NFPA69, EN1127-1 and ISO 11119-3 and TPED, PN240247 pressure vessel codes, approvable to UL codes.  

  • Electrolyzer plant working at standard operation pressure of 150 bars (2,200 Psi)


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